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Safety Tubs

Imagine waking up to a safer bathing experience every day, with a luxurious, therapeutic bathtub or shower made by a leader in bathroom safety. Imagine soothing your aching joints and sore muscles with targeted whirlpool jets. Think of how great it would be to stay in your home longer, to not rely on family to help you bathe, to know you have one of the safest and most innovative walk-in bathtubs or showers in your home.


Once you step inside your new  walk-in bathtub, you’ll be surrounded in a soothing, therapeutic bathing experience — in the privacy and comfort of your own bathroom. The many advanced features work together to bring the ultimate in safe, soothing relief, customized to your preferences. Choose your desired settings of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy or chromatherapy for total-body indulgence that can calm and comfort or refresh and revitalize you.

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