CalBear Construction Inc has a remarkable and experienced design team, placing a huge emphasis unique Kitchen and Bath designs that are affordable.

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One day bathrooms

With Calbear Construction, you can have the peace and comfort of a beautiful bathroom faster with our 1 day shower systems and more affordably than you ever thought possible. In as little as 1 day, we transform your existing shower into a perfectly personalized paradise that will last a lifetime.


Bath liners are custom-molded for a precise fit.
Acrylic installation is complete in as little as 1 day.
Liners will never fade, crack, peel, bubble or yellow.


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We Promise You

Meet Our Professional Designers, they will help you to
design your Dream Bathroom.
Settle on design
After Choosing all materials and design, our Professional Team will give you the Best Price.
Professional Installation
Our certified installers will Build the bathroom
of your dreams.

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